Art of Parenting

Art of Parenting

We always believe in the comprehensive development of children. At Canvas, we don't mind going an extra mile to give a child all that is needed for his growth. With this spirit, we keep ourselves engaged in interactive sessions with children and their parents, invite experts, conduct fun filled workshops and lot more.

Every parent would love to know how they can be better parents to their precious children but as a working parent it can be hard at times.

It is very important to learn what you should be doing to set children up for success that is why, Canvas bring experts to you to give some good and helpful tips and suggestions to up-bring kids in all aspect; Physical, Mental and Emotional built-up.

Everyone get a little down in the dumps sometimes, so for them, we have put together some inspirational Short Stories, both real and fictional. It will surely make you smile, keep your heart inspired and soul motivated.

In this ever changing world, ways to better communicate with children are changing rapidly. And motivation is what drives this change. To keep our staff and students motivated and pump them up with zeal, we conduct various workshops and seminars at our school.