Canvas has a specialized grooming model for different age groups. We also have a separate model for both boys and girls. We believe that boys and girls are unique in their own ways, and they need a tailor-made program model to suit them well.

Children grow up so fast, that is why when educating them we have to consider a personalized model for each age group. The model gradually evolve, to suit the skill needs of developing children. The class models for different age groups are as follows :


18 months to 2 Yrs
  • Children are encouraged to play and explore the world around them, enhancing their sensory experience.
  • Children sing songs to improve their listening skills.
  • Children form the concept of "self" - and are able to identify themselves.


2 Yrs to 2.5 Yrs
  • Children are familiar with the concepts of alphabets and colours, and basic mathematical concepts such as shapes and numbers.
  • Children are able to improve their creative skills with art and craft activities.
  • A theme is introduced every week, and activities based on the theme are carried out.


3 Yrs - 3.5 Yrs
  • Children are introduced to phonics and letter sounds.
  • Pre-writing practices such as making marks on paper are introduced.
  • Colouring worksheets and number writing practices are carried out.


4 Yrs to 4.5 Yrs
  • Cursive writing is introduced with lines and curves that will later on help in teaching children how to write in a beautiful handwriting.
  • Elaborate math worksheets and number blocks are used to improve their mathematical skills.
  • Phonic levels are improved so children are ready to read.


5 Yrs to 5.5 Yrs
  • Group learning is encouraged, as the teachers & children work together to make the child understand how his/her behaviour affects others.
  • Children are exposed to more environmental concepts in order to develop their logical reasoning and independent thinking skills.
  • Children are encouraged to read more, for an easy transition to formal schooling.