Canvas International Pre-School was founded on 9th February, 2016 while our first school at Benar Road was launched on 29th May, 2016. In the last 6 months, the school has expanded to 4 locations and has 300 children attending its campus.

Canvas believes that ‘Each child is different and needs to be given an opportunity to express themselves’.

Canvas aims to nurture children into successful adults. This idea is accomplished by our curriculum that not only teaches academics but also effective communication and social skills. Canvas provides a place for nurturing young minds and make them feel comfortable in what they do.


Canvas has a specialized grooming model for different age groups. We also have a separate model for both boys and girls. We believe that boys and girls are unique in their own ways, and they need a tailor-made program model to suit them well.

Children grow up so fast, that is why when educating them we have to consider a personalized model for each age group. The model gradually evolve, to suit the skill needs of developing children. The class models for different age groups are as follows :


18 months to 2 Yrs
  • Children are encouraged to play and explore the world around them, enhancing their sensory experience.
  • Children sing songs to improve their listening skills.
  • Children form the concept of "self" - and are able to identify themselves.


2 Yrs to 2.5 Yrs
  • Children are familiar with the concepts of alphabets and colours, and basic mathematical concepts such as shapes and numbers.
  • Children are able to improve their creative skills with art and craft activities.
  • A theme is introduced every week, and activities based on the theme are carried out.


3 Yrs - 3.5 Yrs
  • Children are introduced to phonics and letter sounds.
  • Pre-writing practices such as making marks on paper are introduced.
  • Colouring worksheets and number writing practices are carried out.


4 Yrs to 4.5 Yrs
  • Cursive writing is introduced with lines and curves that will later on help in teaching children how to write in a beautiful handwriting.
  • Elaborate math worksheets and number blocks are used to improve their mathematical skills.
  • Phonic levels are improved so children are ready to read.


5 Yrs to 5.5 Yrs
  • Group learning is encouraged, as the teachers & children work together to make the child understand how his/her behaviour affects others.
  • Children are exposed to more environmental concepts in order to develop their logical reasoning and independent thinking skills.
  • Children are encouraged to read more, for an easy transition to formal schooling.


We use the Montessori and Balanced system to create an environment that supports learning through play using a variety of concepts like :

  • ELP (Early Learning Program)
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor play
  • Language and mathematics discovery
  • Art
  • Stage Awareness

  • This curriculum also helps teachers develop appropriate small and large group to enhance child growth in the classroom.
  • Progress is observed and documented in their development and academic performance.
  • Assessment of children is done in September, December and March. The children are assessed by observation, their work, and family input.
  • Parent-teacher conferences are typically conducted at least thrice during the school year to encourage parental involvement and discuss each child’s current performance and progress.



All members of staff and faculty are experienced in the preschool environment, and are truly passionate about children. Canvas has –

  • A Passionate leadership team.
  • Well trained teachers with active experience in pre-schools.
  • Student and parent counselors & mentors.
  • Regular grooming of support staff.
  • SOPS & standards.
  • Pivotal monitoring by central support team to take care of all branches.
  • School leaders program.
  • 1:10 Teacher Student ratio.
  • Unique competence mapping system to grade and reward staff members.


Facilities &
Infrastructure ..

Canvas is proud of its vast selection of facilities and infrastructure present in its Campus-

  • Friendly and comfortable, air-cooled classrooms
  • Exclusive role play arena for removing stage fear
  • Extensive library with exciting talking pen technology for enhancing communication skills
  • Indoor and outdoor play area
  • Special dance arena
  • Sand pit
  • Innovative Learning centers equipped with modern technology for instructions
  • CCTV security
  • Themed classrooms
  • Montessori space
  • Creative corner
  • ELP room
  • Day care Facility
  • Summer camps
  • Field trips
  • Special events